About The Harvest Network.

The Harvest Network is a place to connect the Body of Christ in furthering the Gospel of Jesus and seeing greater impact of the Kingdom of God in all spheres of influence.

Purpose of The Harvest Network 

Our hope is to connect missional believers across all backgrounds, cultures & denominations together so we can:

  • Bring the lost to Christ
  • See new believers get discipled through Word of God 
  • Send new disciples into the harvest for great multiplication

Focus of The Harvest Network:

  1. Pray that we see the lost saved by the Gospel 
  2. Reach local communities by loving our neighbours 
  3. Equip believers to be salt & light in the marketplace 
  4. Activation of all “priesthood of all believers” in work of Gospel 
  5. Connect resources & training for sharing the Gospel & discipleship 
  6. Multiplication of discipleship that makes disciples