Hope Rose From The Dead

Hope Rose From The Dead: Luke 24:1–20

Look Back

1. Care

  • Everyone shares briefly how they are doing. Pray if appropriate.

2. Loving Accountability

  • Follow: Everyone shares how they obeyed Jesus since the last time we met.
  • Fish: Everyone shares who they shared the story with since last we met.

Look Up

3. Discover the Bible Together

  • Tell the story of the Resurrection from memory.
  • Read the story in Luke 24:1–20
  • Retell the story together
  • Discuss the story together using the following questions:
  • What do we learn about God / Jesus?
  • What do we learn about people?
  • Who do you most identify with in the story and why?
  • How will you obey the story?

Look Forward

4. Practice

  • Tell the story of the Repentant Woman from memory.

5. Set Goals

  • Follow: What from the story is Jesus asking you to obey this week?
  • Fish: who is someone in your life that you think needs to hear this story? Share with them.

6. Pray