Leadership Development


Model Assist Watch Leave provides a framework for equipping and releasing others into leadership.

The Explanation

We want to raise up and release disciple making disciples in order to see Kingdom multiplication. Therefore it’s important we’re equipping people with the skills, confidence and freedom to GO.

Step 1 - Model

This is a 100/0 leadership phase, where you are modelling how to do something without the assistance of anyone else. We can see this through the early chapters of Mark, where Jesus has called His disciples and is simply modelling His ministry to them. He spends time explaining what he is doing to His disciples as he teaches them by ‘doing’.

Step 2 - Assist

This is a 50/50 leadership phase where we ask them to assist us. You are co-labouring together, sharing the leadership load. High feedback is important in this phase as well as high encouragement. From the outside eye, you should both be seen as leading as much as one another. We can see this in Luke 9 where Jesus feeds the five thousand.

Step 3 - Watch

This is a 0/100 leadership phase, where you are sending them out to lead on their own. It is important to help them prepare things and debrief with them after the experience, such as is seen in Luke 10. They are doing it without your assistance, but they still have you as a safety net. It is crucial you relinquish control in this step, and if need be, allow them to fail constructively.

Step 4 - Leave

This is where you release a leader that is ready to lead without you. It is essential that you encourage them to think about who they can start to ‘MAWL’ with. A truly healthy leader reproduces other healthy leaders. Fight to remain in relationship with them. As is shown in 1 Timothy 4:14, it is appropriate for other elders and leaders to lay hands on new leaders to call them into ministry.